Build Your Dream Home

Who wants to join me in building their own eco house? A fabulously sassy, eco-friendly, sustainable house – and no shirking on luxuries?!

Pick me!

 Pick me! 

We aim to empower you & to light up your corner of the world with Ethictricity – & to be the go-to place when building your own house.


…light up the world with Ethictricity & add sparkle to your life!

First…a little groan at the current situation (positivity will return soon…!)

The world is getting hotter. Burnier. Floodier. Things that are meant to be frozen are unfreezing (those huge iceberg things…can anyone build an Ark? Space in drawers or cupboards where we can put extra water?) and things that are meant to not be on fire, suddenly are on fire (like Australia. And that big Amazon rainforest thing. Nicknamed the Lungs of the Earth. Not sure if there’s a clue in that?) Destruction of the natural Amazon to build an internet Amazon. I don’t want to get sued, so I’ll leave that one there. But it is a little ironic. 

Big house building companies. Are they too distracted making money by building boxy, predictable, soul-stripping ‘identi-kit’ houses for eye-watering amounts of money? Maybe stop buiding for a second and try to work out where to sit and count your money when the planet dies. No award-winning architect can rebuild a dead planet. I’m sure there’s not a person from any village, town or city who hasn’t been affected by huge housing estates being built.

In effect, aren’t we just renting from the banks instead of a rental agency?

Eco House in the Trees

Prefabricated Eco Home

A different way

  • Build your own eco house on any budget
  • You don’t have to choose eco or luxuries – have both!
  • Live in the house of your dreams, designed by you!
  • Treehouses, swimming pools, hot tubs? All possible, all eco and all buildable!

Work, sleep, pay bills…repeat? Nooooo!

Those who do buy their own house…say goodbye to having any spare cash in your bank until you get your pension. Mortgage, go to work, pay your bills, fall asleep on sofa…repeat to fade (and by fade, I mean literally as you fade into old age with a mortgage and exhaustion – but also fade into insignificance in a house that you probably can’t afford and…doesn’t it just look like everyone else’s?)

Even then, when you’ve finally paid your mortgage, you’re hounded by ‘equity release’ adverts. Hang on…I’ve spend 25+ years paying for it and now you ‘offer’ to release the equity, at a cost to me yet again? Isn’t this just a different version of renting a house under the guise of mortgage and equity release? It’s just renting from the bank instead of a rental agency.  

There is another way! Whooooop

For those who can’t afford a mortgage, and for those who may be able to afford one but seriously want to build a house that doesn’t add to the unsustainable, predictable, keeping-up-with-the-Jones’s style shoe box…how about something else?

Options…rent, buy or build…

Let’s join forces! I don’t mean let’s all live together. I mean…let’s build an online portal of all things eco and sustainable. From sustainable engineering ideas, to those who have built their own houses, the pit falls and the ‘how to avoid the pit falls’ to suppliers, planning, mortgages for eco housing – and all things in between. 

We are going to create a place where those who want to build the house of their dreams can come to and speak to others, see what others have done, watch interviews, read product reviews, find answers, give answers…a nationwide community of likeminded people, pooling information resources and experiences in one happy, friendly space that wants to…

…empower people to light up their world!


A one-stop place we can all go to to find, talk to and recommend all the things you need to build a sustainable house. This is the aim. Adding our own little puzzle piece to the sustainable revolution.

Building Your Own Eco House

Are you a maker, creator, supplier, designer, installer, wood worker, upcycler, engineering genious, lover and maker of all things sustainable? Get in touch and we can showcase your products, services, talents and bring you to those looking for what you do.


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Let’s get it on. Ethictricity that is. 

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