Build Your Dream Life

Are you born to make, or are you born to sell? 

You’re born to make, with a passion for eco products. 

Born to Make


You’re a born influencer, seller, mover or shaker. 

Born to Sell


…light up the world with Ethictricity & add sparkle to your life!

Building Your Own Eco Business

Are you a maker, creator, supplier, designer, installer, wood worker, upcycler, engineering genius, lover and maker of all things sustainable? Do you sell, influence, engage, hussle, dream and do?

Let the makers meet the sellers. 


A one-stop place we can all go to to find, talk to and recommend all the things you need to build a sustainable lifestyle. This is the aim. Adding our own little puzzle piece to the sustainable revolution.


Join our community – become a member of the DropFrog Community to meet likeminded souls- those who want to make, sell and change the way we work, live and interact with people, animals and the planet. 

Let’s get it on. Ethictricity that is. 


Musings, ideas, thoughts and dreams from the edge of the Pond. Submit your own post for review and possible submission. 

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