Lighting up the world with Ethictricity!

My name is Julia and I know nothing

Or at least I know some things. But definitely not enough to share my ‘thought bounty’ with the masses. And maybe a lot of what I know isn’t factual, more like too much time reading and thinking. But together we know so much more. The idea of Ponderlife is to bring those ideas together. To bring answers to those who have questions.  To separate fact from fiction.

Engineers, scientists, the eco-aware, those who know planning laws and legalities, house dreamers, house builders, idea creators, problem solvers. The idea is to bring everyone together to fix a problem as a community of like-minded individuals.

A one-stop place to find suppliers of the things you need to build your sustainable house, a place to chat to others who are doing the same, who have done the same. Share what has worked, what has not worked and a ‘what we would have done differently’.

If we all add our own little puzzle piece, we should end up with the bigger and more complete picture.

A call out to everyone!

Contact Me!


Please get in touch to offer your services, expertise, ideas and anything that would add to Ponderlife. We can showcase your talents, products and services.

We can change our world a bit as individuals. Together, we can change things exponentially.